The Apple of my Eye

Originally Apple's was a company set up NOT to make money, but rather, to change the world . To explore this premise, you must put aside your beliefs in the bottom line and money as a measuring stick of success, which might be close to impossible (we are all socialized to tracking our happinesses in dollar amountsand unwilling and yet unwitting slaves to that almighty dollar.) So if the 2 Steves set out to relieve and empower all us working stiffs from our office drudgery, and in so doing evolve ourselves just a little, what is wrong with that? So many Mac enthusiasts naturally resonated to this idea and became warriors for the cause and sometimes smug fanatics by association Here was something to believe in and working toward the goal of the common good was much easier to swallow than rolling over for the Evil Empire. The last few years have been one of defections, emotional alienation, and rooting for the losing side. Well, Steve's MacWorld Keynote speech was a wakeup call to the loyalists, pundits and weakened warriors for some logical thinking about the real problem. Exerting any more energy trying to usurp MicroSoft's financial status and power was serving only to weaken the good fight of changing the world. Choosing your battles, like your browser, is for those that have a vision for their future and themselves.

Thanks for not thinking about money for a few moments.

This 31st day of June, 1997