Projects history

In an ongoing effort to catalog and digitize my endeavors, here sits every image-based project I have worked on since high school. Perhaps you will find some sustained ouvre or the wanderings of a prolific madwoman.

It is a Portfolio of sorts… Welcome and enjoy the little tour. It includes my work in print, digital media, multimedia, interface and online design. In some cases, I have indulged myself in presenting the woulda, coulda, and shouldas of certain projects I worked on to give you an idea of how I work.

I am also offering bits of wisdom and actual step by step tutorials to pass on information I have garnered by working with talented people and teaching others at the Exploratorium and The San Francisco Digital Media Center.




Jury Placemat • 2001
Culled from my doodles of witnesses called during the IREF v. Arthur Andersen trial. This was used at the special luncheon given by the jury consultants to gleen information from a trial without a conclusion.


Apple of my Eye
Reaction to Steve Job's Keynote speech using the rubber stamp clip art to illustrate the over-enthusiastic text concerning the shift in Apple's alliance with Microsoft.




Windows as a Second Language for Mac Users,
by Stefan Lipson.
This is the original art for Windows as a Second Language for Mac Users, by Stefan Lipson. Appreciate it if you are a Mac fan and saddened by the Encroachment.


An adventure for the whole DOS-infected family!


Multimedia Playground 1994, 1995
Enchanted by the work environment the first year saw us teaching others 'the ropes' in a petting zoo type setting. The 1995 Multimedia Playground found a much more Internet oreiented exhibit, along with CD ROMs, and our workshop where we taught the tools of the trade, Photoshop, Bryce, Director, Morph, Premiere


The Beijing Women's Conference Website • 1995 hosted a live, evolving site to document The Women's Conference held in 1995 in Beijing. They needed artwork for the front doors of each distinct area of their site, along with graphics prep for the countless files and imagery contributed from all being represented on the site. Consistancy was achieved with color and simplicity. Please visit the Site for a taste of history.


Raffle Tickets • 1995
BMUG was raffling a chance to win a 9600


BMUG's Roadside Resources • 1993
A shareware collection of Internet downloadables on a ROM. I did some file interface work in HyperCard for this disk which involved scavenging the Read Me docs with each piece of shareware and summarizing the jejune info and dumping it into a Hypercard template of my design. The stack was then converted to a QuickTime movie to step through the information or slide the Controller to the area of interest. Much easier than opening up all those folders.


BMUG Movies for Expo • 1993-95


Quicktime Flipbook about designing with Quicktime


Fits on a Floppy Film Festival • 1992
The Fits on a Floppy Film Festival is brought to you by and for TV-ROM which subsists solely on contributions by artists, musicians and talented people looking for an audience for their work.


TV-ROM · September 1991-93
Design & development of the Indexing & Navigational Stacks for BMUG's QuickTime TV-ROM. This front-end serves as a dynamic library for browsing or viewing each of the 600 MooV and PICT files (and the data specific to those files), offers a navigable keyword index, facilitates copying files to their hard drive, and in general, helps to guide the user through the vast amounts of data inherent on a 600 MB optical disc. Requires CD-ROM drive; Macintosh computer with a 68020 or better processor; hard disk; 2mb of RAM; System 6.0.7 or higher.
The intent of this ROM was to offer copywright-free content by artists that wanted exposure and credit for their work. Ironically one of the authors tried to claim full ownership of the project among our peers.


San Francisco Survival Stack • 1991
Built with my evolving HyperCard skills to showcase the tourist offerings of our fair City to visiting Macworld conference attendees. Distributed on a floppy disk and later updated and improved to include navigable maps for this Destop Tour. Most of the imagery was 2-bit and quaint.


Re: ZoomME · January 1990
Design & development of a Resume Stack highlighting my skills & talents as a visual artist. The 800K disc-distributable electronic personal history is available upon request. Requires Macintosh SE
This was my first and very ambitous HyperCard stack. It chronicles my resume from birth to present day 1984 and got me hot for interface work and HyperCard animation.


Early web art


The Holography Handbook
Making Holograms the Easy Way
• 1979-1982
What started out as a pamphlet to be done in 6 weeks turned into a book published 4 years later. Fred being dyslexic, made my job of illustrating &layout also one of editing, embracing & translating the technical information into laymen's terms. Step by step instructions targeted toward high schools & hobbyists, it truly is hands-on, homemade holography. I've autographed copies for physics students at Berkeley's Lawrence Livermore Lab,where presently in use as basic classroom text.