The Holography Handbook
Making Holograms the Easy Way

1979-1982 ·
What started out as a pamphlet to be done in 6 weeks turned into a book published 4 years later. Fred being dyslexic, made my job of illustrating &layout also one of editing, embracing & translating the technical information into laymen's terms. Step by step instructions targeted toward high schools & hobbyists, it truly is hands-on, homemade holography. I've autographed copies for physics students at Berkeley's Lawrence Livermore Lab,where presently in use as basic classroom text.

A dichromate hologram, the first ever to be included in a bound book publication, was glued into the last page of the book. A source of unending agony for our publisher, but real neato. The same type of hologram that has since proliferated on credit cards.

1987 · Popa Verlag, A book publisher in Munich starts work on a German edition: "Handbuch der Holographie Wie mache ich Hologramme selber?" There has also been talk of a Japanese translation....I'm still waiting.

Regenbogenhologramme (auf Deutsch)
Betrachtet man ein normales Transmissionshologramm unter weißem Licht, ziegt sich dort, wo sich das Bild rekonstruieren sollte, ein verschwomener, mehrfarbiger Fleck. Dieser Farbfleck ensteht dadurch, daß jede Wellenlänge des weißen Lichts individuell auf leicht versetzte Positionen gebeugt wird.

1969 berichtete Steve Benton von der Firma Polaroid von einer sensationellen Methode, wie dieses Problem umgangen werden kann. Als erstes wird ein normales Transmissions-hologramm von dem aufzunehmenden Objekt hergestellt, wobei ein sorfältig kollimierter Referenzstrahl verwendet wird. Dieses Hologramm wird dann wie folgt als Mutter für die Umsetzung in ein Transmissions-Bildebenen-Hologramm benutzt: das Mutterhologramm wird dabei nur mit einem engen, horizontalen Spalt beleuchtet. Da ja jeder Teil des Hologramms das vollständige Bild reproduzieren kann, so ist auch das ganze Bild in der Umsetzung enthalten. Dies allerdings nur aus dem Blickwinkel des Spalts.

Rainbow holograms (in English)
A regular transmission hologram when viewed with a white light yields a fuzzy multicolored smear where the image should reconstruct. In reality, all of the wavelengths in the white light are individually diffracted to slightly different positions, resulting in the blur.

In 1969, Steve Benton of Polaroid reported an exciting method which got around this problem. First, a normal transmission hologram is made of an object, utilizing a good collimated reference beam. This hologram is used as a master for a transmission image plane copy with the following concept: the master is illuminated with only a narrow horizontal slit of light. Since each point on a holgram can reproduce the entire image, the whole image is image-planed into the copy. However, only from the vantage point of the slit.

The Authors

Fred Unterseher
Fred is the "Holographer Extraordinaire" He has been working/lecturing/creating within the Holographic community extensively since I have known him. He's worked under the auspices of The Holography Museum in N.Y. & did much of the ground breaking work in holographic lensing (a miniaturization process) while doing research in Germany. He uses the Holography Handbook extensively during his lecture tours to make his point clearer to his audiences ........& also rings up a couple of sales along the way.

Jeannene Hansen
This thrills my parents to no end & validates all that tuition money spent on my education. They'd also like you to know that the book retails for $32.50.

Bob Schlesinger
When last heard from Bob was programming computers & in general staying on the cutting edge.

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