Illustration examples

Thanks for considering me for your project. Below are illustration examples that may be in the neighborhood of your requirements. I have included a few animated pieces in case you eventually need that aspect covered. Of course, the ultimate goal is to create something that you are happy with and suits your purposes. Hopefully we can work together on this piece of your intriguing project.
Click on any of the images below to enlarge them or view them in their original context.

 Static illustrations

Another (1 of 3 images) from a series of tutorials about installing the required software for webcams. Hard to believe that much handholding was needed for the uninitiated back in the day.

FOaF Flyer Art

An image for a flyer for a (tiny) Quicktime Movie contest.

FOaF Flyer Art

A couple of small navigational icons having to do with publishing & art galleries on computers. Don't bother clicking, these are actual size.

Party Girls

Illustration from a group photo of women celebrating an anniversary. The image was used as an invitation; to fill in the colors as if a page from a coloring book, and to join them at the party.

And now for something inanimate.
A Victorian ediface used as a site-specific webspace.

2 grabs from a Powerpoint movie presented to grant funders. These illustrate enrollment and dropout numbers among the student body at College of Alameda.

A couple of pages from a hand-illustrated instructional book about Holography. I was the chief illustrator and helped the dyslexic author translate his brilliance on the subject to the page. We used a step-by-step method to teach the process of creating holograms to home hobbyists and physics students. Still in print after 25+ years.

Web Entry

A web site entry page with animated rollovers.
Click to enlarge and rollover the unlinked version.

Here is a small animation that is as close as I come to the xkcd school of art. Look at it in context of one of the tutorials about webcams done in 1995. The language is quaint in those simpler times.

animated signature

An animated email signature for WebTV.