Interstitial Alley


The window seat at 24th and Osage. This is the vantage point for seeing out to the street and where most of the recording took place. The far right corner is the 'sweet spot' for capturing all the Carnaval, Cinco de Mayo parades as they make the turn onto Mission street. The Day of the Dead processional usually takes a right down 24th street on its way to Balmy alley after much cavorting and fire dancing on Mission street.

The sound drifting up from the street; conversations, music, traffic, sirens etc. contributes randomly to the vivid and sometimes bizarre dreams one can have if they choose to take a nap in this window.

Inside Tape Log | Outside Tape Log


lab coat and clipboard close-ups of Lori
computer set up for digitizing video
Karr and Diery jamming in his room, backlit silhouettes
Michael Joyce moves out, negotiating cabinet with Powers
up the stairs to the foyer
chair and taxes near divider
flowers blooms
white building through front window
Gerry nuzzles Tina’s hair
living room set up with me walking through
Paul watches TV in living room rolling television
Paul plays with x-ray in window
me in front of TV with remote, dusting close-up, arm waves, dancing with x-ray Eric Clapton video
close-up of TV with arm waves, cartoons, clapton
head peek ins with television in living room, accordion
accordion close-ups, sunglasses, white Bali angel, clock, rear view mirror, hula girl
feather duster, red fish, music stand, Karr guitar in background
guitar close-ups of John Karr
remote cycle through f-stops, watchman, microcassette recorder, all three
x-ray licking herself, in sun
corner peek, dangerous woman
x-ray in the sun
corner peek (2nd dangerous woman)
mouth close-up, "sleepy", "more RAM", "love him", fog lens, "good news, bad news",

more mouth close-ups "it’s a feature", "print it out", "ha ha hoo hee"
flash paper flame in hand
Venus Envy jamming, John Karr, Mike Diery
Close-ups and FX of me by Kelly
Linda Schneider FX
Al Krantz FX
Papaya and seeds overhead close-up, lemon, salmon veggie
Interior of PowerMac
Black cat visitor Mimou, odd purr in arms and exploring around
Chris taking away the enlargers in his red truck
black visitor cat eating nip and looking out window, nip fascination guitar jamming in background negative FX
space guns, redpingpong with mouthsounds
space gun with rat a tat sound


silver silent gun, well sculpted
upside down rat a tat sound gun
orange canocave dish with sound
computer voice cycle through,
short red nosed sound guns
different angles of Paul’s toy space guns
odd angles and white background with same guns
Moto introducing himself to new roommate
Diane Komater with marbles and beret, face close-ups
eye shadows on roof, Lori and me, single and double, with grid shade, yellow background


(images still coming)

blue tooth, before crown
new gold crown, temporary
head shots for virtual makeover
Michael Joyce, virtual makeover
Kelly, virtual makeover
closeup of charging unit
toys and shoes
sunflowers, close up and dark
blue sack for Jerry
JFK weekend recent WebTV, close-ups, 2 shots with Barbara Walters v.o.
recent of BW pieces
Dexter waiting for Elk
Stan Lake

Sunflowers and television tableau, vertical, sunflower dust and close-ups
ladybug crawl
Ella and Jerry eat nip, then fight and hiss
Jerry on couch with WebTV remote
Ella on couch on back splayed
Ella and Jerry on couch papers
Ella and sack with Jerry, low light
Ella plays with cat dancer rolling on back
Jerry close-ups
Ella and Jerry jousting around rocker and desk, floor cam view
Jerry rolls in nip
two cats on couch together napping
Lori bruise and butt swing in front room low light
red rose in kitchen
Kelly on floor in sunlight with string by mirror door, playing with Jerry and string in foyer
Lori and Jerry, head rubs
Tongue close-up
Jerry with advantage between shoulders, playing with cat dancer
Moto’s cuts and explanation


Roommate candidates
catalog of drugs & herbs taken
Kelly exercises
Kelly Vertical Frame
Kitty and cheesecake
Interactive SNL during Colin Quinn
Elk and WebTV grabs
Online in 99
Jerry watches TV, close-ups
Vertical Frame of Jerry

Jerry plays with sparkley whip
FX of cake from King’s bakery
Flowers Lilies
Me with helmut reflective visor
Kelly’s baby boy bopping to music
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