Interstitial Alley


The exterior of the window at 24th and Osage, the showcase for Interstitial Alley. The third floor flat I have lived in for over a quarter of a century (!) is the top floor of a building that survived the first 1906 earthquake. Since the fires were stopped at 16th Street, this very old building, with its slanted floors and quaint adornments, is a stubborn landmark in the heart of the Mission.

I have rarely seen folks on the street scrutinizing this window. The terrain below certainly demands focus and concentration for hassle-free navigation of this busy and colorful street corner.

Outside Tape Log | Inside Tape Log

street view as pieces come out to street to load truck
street fracas. Riot tape @ 24th and Bartlett, 1 cop car
street action, close-ups continue, ambulance with perp in cuffs, then water rinse
paramedic shampoo of perp
long shot of scene with library
cop at outdoor toilet, BART station
sewer line machinery. Pipe being lowered, various tasks
closeups of pipe workers, long shots finishing

shadows of street signs
Osage /BART, drunks and passersby
fx cycle through
flag banner dance rehearsal, exchange with street guy
pigeons in dirt ally near Fred’s
flag rehearsal redux
junkies and drunks at corner bench
guys up to their hips in the street
Lori’s late night exit, packing car
rolling cable close up
cable connector guy in cherry picker outside window
white building through front window
Bad art manifesto Dance Mission performers on firescape, crowd shots


serenaders down at front door
View of City from roof of Dance Mission, Bay Bridge
cop with gun drawn arrest
Chris taking away the Enlargers in his red truck
guy with lizard on head
parade, Cinco de Mayo, peasant outfits, big hats feather headdresses, swirly skirts, horses
Pigeon fly by
Thoth violinist from window
Green cleaning machine
Wacky van
Shoes hanging on electrical wire
Dance practice in alley
shadows of dancers in a line
Performance of dancers with music cranked and flares
sun breaking through fog over Twin Peaks, flare, 2nd angle of rolling clouds

Alley cleanup crew
window daylight – clouds – no lightning – little bit of rain
fire engine parade down Mission street from window (makes Rosie howl0
paramedics check out toilet a guy
Day of Dead Inca feather dancers and percussion music at 24th and Mission,
Skull puppet close-up with flashing eyes, stilt skeletons
fire machine on wheels, flame close ups
skeleton costume walks around in crowd
long timbers being off loaded from truck to BART
homeless guy with big pink gorilla at BART
Thoth at BART plaza
woman in alley cutting up newspaper with scissors from kitchen window
Thoth makes way down street
lit diamond windows of church
painting of bus stop with stencils
paramedics take passed out guy away on stretcher
after math of CandeLight Shop fire, trucks in street
angles of flat painted, finished white
various angles of flat exterior sanded, painter on phone
guy cleaning toilet, on roof with hose
church peaks, power pole and sky, trees

drug dealer in alley
back alley from back window, hanging and smokin
Carnaval floats from Mission street vantage point,
Kathy’s son Eli class parade,
dancing straw head lady and group,
striped clowns on stilts,
beaded white silvery float queen,
feather dancers,
garbage can dance
naked butt feather float and topless woman
kids on rollerblades, insects parade Eli
feathers and frills float,
skaters butterfly dance,
spider lady dancers
leopard skirts and stilt gals,
praying mantis puppet trailer


Rasta man big head puppet and dancing peacock puppet trailer
black and red grass skirt and feathers, spear dancers
dog chasing tail in alley
Infrared, Tycocam – Lori’s window
wedding across street
woman on phone
Lori’s window
man on street
Café Boheme women’s legs and boots


Helicopter placing/moving Walgreen’s sign from roof
crane lifting escalator into BART
first painting of alley mural, different stages
orange cones and PacBell truck from window
arrest from window, backlit car
picketing at BART from window
2nd alley mural painting
construction site, library
pigeons in alley from window, Free feed
Fire Truck at BART, close ups of kids
Protest (trade sanctions at BART SuperSaturday, Bombings/Impeachment
red truck
Woman feeding pigeons in Osage alley
Carnaval parade ’99 from window seat
  skeleton puppets from window with Lori commentary
slow motion parade at Day of the Dead
processional sounds, drums and people talking
bridal, horse blonde wig costumes
big puppet disappears, music and fire twirler, music processional
pipe and bones band
skeleton in crowd
projected image and sound of film projector
unfocused lights and distant music
skeleton puppet in crowd, costumes
doves do swirl from window
clouds moving over moon, different angles
Carnaval parade, feather Mayans
gold hula whisps
marching band
float with nude gals
Stilted women and float
xylophone and bell ringing cable car
cartwheels, tumblers and jesters
plantation dancers
jesters in green
clown selling hot dogs
red feathers
scarf man and mostly nude dancers, butts, conga drums
Hawaiian and feather chorus girls
green Cheshire cat
feathers and butts strolling and on floats
green octopus
from window
after the parade
big-ass costume plume
Guy dancing away from parade
purple stilt puppet
  rehearsal, performance of aerialist dancers on side of building in alley, Women who Fly through the Air