Interstitial Alley
A site-specific video installation at 24th Street and Osage Alley in the heart of the Mission district

Having lived in the same flat in the Mission for over 25 years, Jeannene Hansen certainly qualifies as an Artist-in-Residence. This longtime photographer, archivist, storyteller and visual communicator, has witnessed much and videotaped many of the routine and extraordinary events that have passed by her window over the years. The view has truly been an urban parade of neighbors, city workers, visitors, performers and police action at this busy and colorful corner.

Interstitial Alley is a compilation and rebroadcast of this 10 year collection of video imagery reflected back from the vantage point of the same window. Video verité and voyeurism meet as imagery gathered from the interior of her home is juxtaposed side-by-side against the exterior shots. The dialog between the two changing visuals will create a story open to interpretation by anyone that views it.

The 2 screens will project their concurrent ‘stories’ 6 hours a day, from 4pm to 10 pm. They can be viewed from street level at the 24th Street BART exodus, the bus stop, the sidewalk below, and, of course, the alley.
Find the chalked markings on the curbs and look up!

Details of the project, approximate schedule/tape logs, still images, and an evolving blog are available online at the website, 24 hours a day.

Please take a card and find your way to Interstitial Alley

Find your way to Interstitial Alley

Since her contribution to The Living LABoratory is off-site, Jeannene is doing what she can to encourage the more intrepid visitors to seek and find this above-ground video installation. This is the card that may have been foisted upon you if you were at the opening reception on September 12 at the LAB. Information includes the location of the video site, running times and duration dates. The flipside gives more specific instructions to the site and the URL of this website.

There is also a supply of cards at the video kiosk as you enter the gallery at 16th and Capp streets. The video kiosk includes a pre-taped interview with Jeannene explaining the project. It is part of the 30 minute video loop of artists and explanations by other contributors to the show.


Every night, after the BART station has been freshly steam cleaned, Jeannene chalks various 'video opportunity spots' on the 24th Street BART plaza to highlight the best viewing areas for Interstitial Alley.

The symbols suggest:
'the seeing is finished, search over!'.

Check out for all your symbology needs.

Visitor Gallery


The Living LABoratory

A residency and installation by Lise Swenson

September 12 -October 3, 2002

@ The LAB, 2948 16th Street @ Capp, San Francisco

Opening reception: Thursday, September 12, 7-9 PM
Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 1-6 PM (free admission)

Live Art LAB
September 13, 18, 20, 25 & 27, 8 PM ($5-$10 sliding scale admission)
All events take place at The LAB, 2948 16th Street @ Capp, San Francisco
For information, call (415) 864-8855

Lise Swenson is an interdisciplinary artist, activist and educator. Much of her work is collaborative and all of her themes use the human condition as a starting point. Swenson is in residence at The LAB during August and September, using The LAB as a space for artistic experimentation to develop her project, The Living LABoratory, which will manifest as an experimental exhibition and ultimately a film, Mission Movie. A team of Mission artists will investigate and excavate the neighborhood, bringing back artifacts, documentation and artworks to create a site-specific environment that, in conjunction with gallery hours, will host an array of events, including music, dance, spoken word, video and film presentations. The essence of the Mission will be captured in multiple perspectives and mediums, transforming the gallery space into an interactive filmic laboratory. This project is supported in part by The LEF Foundation.

The 17 Reasons Why! sign has been found!
After a month-long investigation by Mission based artists to uncover and excavate material from their neighborhood, the 17 Reasons Why! sign and many other objects of cultural significance have been found, made and/or installed at The LAB. Under the leadership of artist in residence Lise Swenson, more than 50 artists have risen to the challenge to interpret the Mission through their unique lenses and mediums. Central to the exhibition and hanging in the gallery is the 17 Reasons Why! sign that illegally vanished from our neighborhood in June 2002.

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