Here are a variety of projects I have worked on over the years.
More a timeline and repository than portfolio

  • Multimedia Playground 1994 Multimedia Playground 1994 Enchanted by the work environment the first year saw us teaching others 'the ropes' in a petting zoo type setting. The 1995 Multimedia Playground found a much more Internet oriented exhibit, along with CD ROMs, and our workshop where we taught the tools of the trade, Photoshop, Bryce, Director, Morph, Premiere
  • Postcard Design Postcard Design This postcard of Billy Billionaire was a companion piece to the book, the brainchild and a labor of love of author Stefan Lipson. He has about 8000 left over in his garage and will sell them in 10 packs for a buck. What better way to say, "I hate Bill Gates and all he stands for." Or you can print it out for yourself. It's a legacy document that some day your grandchildren will not understand. Get a closer look at the fine detailing. The back reads: 3.1 MILE ISLAND An adventure for the whole DOS-infected family!
  • Beijing '95 • Women, Power, Change Beijing '95 • Women, Power, Change Women'sNet gave me a great opportunity to work on this site under a very tight deadline and mostly just production work. Go directly to the Site and see how everything sits in context
  • Kiosk Videos for BMUG Booth • Macworld Kiosk Videos for BMUG Booth • Macworld
  • Windows as a Second Language for MacUsers • Sybex • 1996 Windows as a Second Language for MacUsers • Sybex • 1996 I have nothing to do with the writing of this wonderful book. The author/friend is Steve Lipson and he invited me to do an illusrtration for the cover. That's it down there in the left hand corner. The publisher felt the bulleting the contents on the cover would make it more enticing to buyers that didn't think to leaf through the table of contents. Artists don't ususally have this luxury, but you can see what I was theoretically designing towards, at least in my mind.
  • BMUG Raffle Tickets BMUG Raffle Tickets
  • BMUG's Roadside Resources BMUG's Roadside Resources A shareware collection of Internet downloadables on a ROM. I did some file interface work in HyperCard for this disk which involved scavenging the Read Me docs with each piece of shareware and summarizing the jejune info and dumping it into a Hypercard template of my design. The stack was then converted to a QuickTime movie to step through the information or slide the Controller to the area of interest. Much easier than opening up all those folders.
  • Fits on A Floppy Film Festival Fits on A Floppy Film Festival The Fits on a Floppy Film Festival is brought to you by and for TV-ROM which subsists solely on contributions by artists, musicians and talented people looking for an audience for their work. TV-ROM serves as a directory and CD-ROM presentation platform for our contributor's creations and supplies our users with quality clips and pieces to incorporate into their own works of art. Contest rules and Entry Form
  • megaZine megaZine Here's the rare first issue of the megaZine. It is many years old; the Choice Product information, while still valid and true reflects that time period (prices, et. al.) The original design mission was to see if I could present the textual information in a new, QT-usable way and come in under a MB, so as to fit on a floppy. I also like the idea that others would use the Zine-osity idea and make their own, with personal content or ravings or whatever they felt needed to be displayed on someone else's desktop, truly and literally desktop publishing. It is a QT Moov (despite it's sexy icon) with very simple navigational tools; the Controller within MoviePlayer and your keyboard. Store a copy of megaZine on your hard drive, 1024K expanded from 400K.sit
  • TV-ROM • September 1991-Present TV-ROM • September 1991-Present Design & development of the Indexing & Navigational Stacks for BMUG's QuickTime TV-ROM. This front-end serves as a dynamic library for browsing or viewing each of the 600 MooV and PICT files (and the data specific to those files), offers a navigable keyword index, facilitates copying files to their hard drive, and in general, helps to guide the user through the vast amounts of data inherent on a 600 MB optical disc. Requires CD-ROM drive; Macintosh computer with a 68020 or better processor; hard disk; 2mb of RAM; System 6.0.7 or higher. The intent of this ROM was to offer copywright-free content by artists that wanted exposure and credit for their work. Ironically one of the authors tried to claim full ownership of the project among our peers.
  • San Francisco Survival Stack • March 1990 San Francisco Survival Stack • March 1990 v 2.0 January 1991 Design & development of a Promotional Stack distributed on an 800K disk at two consecutive MacWorld Expositions through BMUG (Berkeley Macintosh Users Group). Intended as a Browser Stack to quickly acquaint out-of-town visitors with the cultural, historical, recreational and gastronomical aspects of San Francisco, it subsequently generated income & interest from the Expo attendees for BMUG. v. 2.0: Further enhancements to original stack. Auxiliary Map Stack designed to implement HyperCard 2.0 newest capabilities. Own the San Francisco Survival Stack, 792K expanded from 400K.sit
  • Re: ZoomME • January 1990 Re: ZoomME • January 1990 Design & development of a Resume Stack highlighting my skills & talents as a visual artist. The 800K disc-distributable electronic personal history is available upon request. Requires Macintosh SE This was my first and very ambitous HyperCard stack. It chronicles my resume from birth to present day 1984 and got me hot for interface work and HyperCard animation. Own the Re:ZoomME Hypercard Stack, 792K expanded from 400K.sit
  • The Holography Handbook • Making Holograms the Easy WayRoss Books • 1979-1982 The Holography Handbook • Making Holograms the Easy WayRoss Books • 1979-1982 Design & illustration of 300+ page hands-on instructional book. Required editing, embracing & translating the technical information into laymen's terms. Subsequently translated for the German and Japanese markets & presently used as a basic classroom text in physics at UC Berkeley. Also claims the distinction as the first publication to include an actual Dichromate hologram. Order from Ross Books now/Read some Publisher propaganda