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Press Package c. 198O'S ·
This press package served me well & got me hundreds of bookings. It lives on in the files of comedy club producers across the country. (Most see only resumes stapled to 8x10's) This gives you an idea of what I did in my past life and how entertaining I can be.

Technology allows graphic artist to be a homebody
This 1992 article by Lisa Klug appeared in the Business section of the San Francisco Examiner and contains lots of misinformation. Feel free to read the full text, with my corrections. The photograph by Mark Constantini captures my workspace and the caption reads; The dining room of Jeannene Hansen's San Francisco flat is filled with computers, modems and a filing cabinet- but no dining table. That's a small tradeoff for the flexibility working at home allows, says the artist.

The Tapestry Project
This San Francisco Examiner article written by Scott Rosenberg explains this wonderful project and includes a 'pivotal' quote by me in the 3rd to last paragraph. ;-)

We, as a group of High School students, learned how to make movies using Photoshop and Premiere at the San Francisco Digital Media Center. Although we all live in San Francisco, we come from different places and backgrounds. To find out more about us and our movies,click on our photo. These pages are hosted by the Global Show and Tell Site.


A review of The Holography Handbook. Side note: The final shots of Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous shows a dummied RS cover with Stillwater's photo and mention of a hologram article inside.

The centerfold spread you've been waiting for. It all started when I read this Esquire article about David Mamet's experiences at the Soldier of Fortune convention in Las Vegas.

If you have the ability to translate Kanji into English, I would appreciate any help in understanding what was said about me and my workspace.


There is but a small mention of WomensNet in this article from the [ August 15th SF Chronicle.<–dead link ] You can get an idea of the excitement and anticipation of the event and what was to transpire. The original print version had graphics of the Web pages.

Published on the WeTV affiliated Third Age site where my enthusiasm and evangelism for WebTV spilled over into a full blown interview, cleverly titled "I want my WebTV" Written by Adam Meyerson • Original Link