Frequently Asked Questions

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When I preview my movie, it doesn't play the whole thing?

You must describe the 'work area' you want to preview.

Drag the red in-pointing arrows to expand the yellow band at the top of the timeline window to encompass the area you want to preview.

How can I move a bunch of clips at once?

Use the single arrow tool to select and move one track at a time. All the clips to the right of your selection will be movable as a group. Shift select to add a track to the group you want to move.

Use the double arrow tool to select and move all the tracks at once. Shift select to de-select a single track from the group. Move the others and the de-selected track will remain behind.

Both these tools are located in the the tool bar at the bottom of the timeline window.

How can I make the Preview stop playing?

Press the Command (Apple Key) and . (period) on the keyboard.

Why are my images smushed (distorted)?

The image wasn't saved with the proper aspect ratio (4:3) or the same size as the rest of your images.

Resize the offending image in Photoshop
Select the clip in the Timeline and choose Maintain Aspect Ratio from the Clip menu.

How can I make up for previously
missed deadlines?

After your film is finished you can tweak it further.

Extra Credit!

Title… worth half a point

Credits… worth half a point

Sound FX… worth half a point

Transparency worth one point

Talking Head from Shadow Class as a cast member in your movie… worth one point