Frequently Asked Questions

... about your final project

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I finished my movie, what do I do?

First, Congratulations! Let Jeannene know so you will receive proper credit for reaching this important deadline.

Check your audio in your Voiceover folder

Take note of the kHz and bit depth and whether your voice was recorded at Mono or Stereo. You will need to match these settings in the Output Options dialog box.

Describe your Work Area to include the whole masterpiece of your movie

Drag the red in-pointing arrows to expand the yellow band at the top of the timeline window to encompass the area you want to include in your final movie.

Choose Movie… from the Make menu

Pretty simple

Adjust the Compression…

Choose Compression… first. Choose 10 (Frames per second from the pop-up or type 10 into the space

Adjust the Output Options…

Choose QuickTime Movie from the pop-up menu.

Match your Audio settings to the Rate and Format you originally recorded your voiceover. Use the pop-up menus.

Click OK

Play the Movie to test it

Choose Export>Print to Video from the File menu. Check the Zoom screen to view your movie,

Is your music soundtrack too loud?

Can you still hear your voice clearly?

Are all the transitions working properly?

Is the story told well with images, voice and music?

Is it everything you hoped it would be?

If you can improve or perfect it, tweak your movie and Make another Movie. Save the final version with the word FINAL in the title into your Movie ƒolder

Back up your entire movie folder to Zorba. Tell Jeannene about all your adventures with finishing your movie.