Creating a Web Page with Dreamweaver

Prep your materials
Create a new folder [lastnamexx] inside your folder (inside the Techno .09 folder)
Place your portrait image (cropped to 240 x 180 or 180 x 240 and saved as a .jpg) into that folder
Locate and open your text/bio, you will copy and paste this text into your new web page
Open a new Dreamweaver document
Choose Modify -> Page Properties, name the page and save in your newest folder as [lastnamexx.html]
Choose Properties and Objects from the Window menu to reveal these palettes if they are not visible.
Type your name at the top of the page and select the text.

On the Properties palette, choose Heading 3 from the Format pop-up list.

On the Objects palette, click the Insert Table icon.
Create a table with 1 row, 2 columns, Width=100%, Cell padding=5, Cell spacing=5

Place your cursor in the first column, on the Objects palette, click the Insert Image icon and choose your .jpeg image from your new folder.
From your text/bio document, select your text and copy (Edit -> Copy) Place your cursor in the second column of your web page document, and Paste (Edit -> Paste)
Save your document and deposit a copy of your new folder in the Drop folder on Yorba