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Assignment 2
Assignment 3
In Class - FocusQ
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In Class-Dozen Tips

Selections in Photoshop Extra Credit

Assignment 1

Techno.09 (bootCamp)

Send an email to

from the email account you check everyday...

Use the computers in the classroom (follow the instructions for logging in)
or from your home computer.

This is your first assignment.


I never saw this assignment

Assignment 2

Contact another 9th grade student in the Monday or Thursday class,
and tell them about Assignment 1.

There is a class list posted in the TechnoLounge.

Contact a non-greened student from the list.

Green highlighted names are no longer eligible for this exercise.

Give them a tear-away email address/assignment slip to help them send their email to me.

Ask them to include your name in the email to me, so you receive the credit for completing the assignment by finding them.


Assignment 3

Review More Powerful Emails,
and send yet another email to
In the body of the email, include the most memorable, impressive, or powerful message you've heard in the past few weeks since September 11.



In Class

Focus Questions

Doubleclick to open the afocusquestions.html document located in the Techno.09 folder inside the Student Work folder.

Save As… [ yourName ] in the Techno.09 folder.

Follow the directions and complete the questionaire during class.

Save a copy to the Focus folder on Gula.

Access to Gula:

Select Chooser from the Apple menu, and doubleclick to choose Gula from the file server list.

AppleShare and 5th Floor Lab must also be selected for Gula to appear in the list.

Supply the name of the computer and its password. They are one and the same. (Gula)

Doubleclick Gula to mount it on the desktop, then navigate to find the folder called Focus on Gula's hard drive.

Drag the icon of [yourName] document to the Focus folder to save a copy there.

When the copy is completed, drag the icon of Gula to the Trash or Command(Apple key) +Y to disconnect from Gula.


Assignment 4

Create a 'new' student

Choose two images from the OneEach Äolder to morph.

Export a morphed Image... and save a copy to the designated drive.
Save as a new combined name. [watric.yourname]


Export a Movie... and save a copy to the designated drive when satisfied with its quality.
Give the file your name for proper credit. [yourname's morph or movie]


Assignment 5 • Sharing What You Know With the World

1. Finish last week’s assignment

If you haven't created a new student, do so and deposit the exported image and movie in the Techno.09 folder. To ensure proper credit name them accordingly.
This is not a completed assignment if it is not handed in.

2. Choose your tutorial topic

Visit or for ideas for your own tutorial.

3. Submitting your proposal for your tutorial topic

When you have decided on the topic of your tutorial...
email a short summary sentence explaining it to

Please include your name and class day in the email.
Heads up

Enjoy your October break!


Assignment 6 • Gathering and sizing images

1. Submit Proposal and receive CONFIRMATION.

If you haven't submitted your tutorial proposal idea, do so for full credit until November 9th. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours. Proposals received after this deadline will receive descending credit as more time passes.

2. Finding and capturing images on the Internet

Use the methods shown in class to find the images to illustrate your tutorial web page.

3. Sizing your found images

Prepare your images for inclusion on your tutorial web page.

In Class

Assignment 7 • Creating a webpage with Dreamweaver

1. Finish prepping images in Photoshop and writing the steps of your tutorial

2. Create a webpage and its components

Use the methods shown in class to create your tutorial web folder and web page.

3. Create links to credit web-appropriated images

The structure and look of the finished web page


Final webpage tweak checklist

1. Check out the Checklist

The checklist is self-explanatory. Your webpage will be graded using each point on this list.
This is not a completed assignment if it is not handed in completely.

2. The final deadline for this assignment is Thursday 4:20, December 20, 2001

3. Look for your webpage before 2002

The directory of Class of 2005 webpages
address of your webpage will be at

Enjoy your Winter break!

Completed webpage ratings are due at the beginning of class the week of January 14.

If you have lost or misplaced the rating sheet, there are extras in the TechLounge (back bulletin board) or you can print a copy of both pages from this webpage.

Please include your choice of Top Five webpages from this project on the rating sheet.

P.S. Extra credit for finding spelling and grammar errors will be accepted until Thursday, January 17 by 4:20pm.
There are still 10 uncorrected mistakes on the webpages. Last week, fellow students found over 30 more mistakes!
The website looks great because of your efforts.


In class - A dozen ways to work more efficiently

Check out these Tips and Shortcuts

Don't mouse and scroll your life away..
Practice these the next time you navigate the web or your desktop.

In class - Selections in Photoshop

Tools for making selections discussed in class.

The key to Photoshop is targeting the portion of your image you want to manipulate.
Once you have isolated an image on its own layer, the ability to blend and collage other images becomes quite simple.

10 mistakes lurking on the website

These mistakes were left uncorrected until January 22...
Many more mistakes were found by students to earn extra credit.

Congratulations! You have just saved your abyss stomach...and your nose. Step 3: How to burp a baby
Draw a line coming up from your tale and end it Step 3: How to draw a cow
The overcooked egg is cooked over five minuets Intro:The Overcooked Soft Boiled Egg/ The True Soft Boiled Egg...
How To Make a Great Bowl of Cerial Title: How To Make a Great Bowl of Cereal
If you can't memorize it is to complex. Step 2: How To Make an Impervious Password
Take the bow and put it n the strings, Step 3: Ez way to be a player (violin)

that they notice right away that your lying.

Step 3: How to make your parents feel sorry for you
your leg that is up is at a 45 degree angle (image shows a 90 degree angle) Step 3: How to do an Arabesque
without using one of those disgussting instant boxes. Intro: How to add variety to a simple meal

Now cut a large trangle out of the leg of your jeans

Step 3: How to Make a Skirt out of a Pair of Jeans