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Images Maps
(according to Using Dreamweaver in the Help menu)

An image map is an inserted image which has been divided into regions or "hotspots"; when the "hotspot" is clicked a new web page displays itself.

In Dreamweaver

Open your index.html document



Select the image and choose the rectangle,circle or polygon tool and drag the pointer over the image to create and define a hotspot. While the hotspot is selected: Link the appropriate .html file
In the Hotspot inspector, click the folder icon to browse to the file to open when the hotspot is clicked,
type the file name in the Link field.

Add an Alternate Tag
In the Alt box, type alternative text that is displayed in text-only browsers.
Most browsers display this text as a tooltip when the user pauses the mouse pointer over the hotspot.

To test an imagemap:

1 Choose File > Preview in Browser.
2 In the browser, move the pointer over the hotspot area. Does the ALT tag work? Click the hotspot. Does it display the correct webpage?


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