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Creating your Moov ƒolder and the ƒolders inside

As you begin to gather your images and create your voiceover files for your movie masterpiece,
you will need to organize and store them so they can be properly imported into Premiere.

Your Moov ƒolder

Create a new ƒolder inside your personal ƒolder in the Techno.09 ƒolder.
Name it: Firstname's MooV

Inside this ƒolder, create 6 new ƒolders named:







Scanning images

If you have photographs, drawings or magazine images to be scanned…

Place your image facedown on the flatbed scanner.

Open Photoshop on the computer connected to the scanner.

Choose Import-> Twain Acquire from the File menu

Set the scan settings to 150 dpi

Make sure the image is straight and crop out the blank or unwanted portions around your image and click the Scan button

The image will open in Photoshop and must be Saved As a distinctive memorable filename.

If you have alot of scans to do, place them in a folder to be transferred to your Originals ƒolder when you are done.

Sizing your images in Photoshop

Your images should all conform to a 4:3 aspect ratio, 640x480 or 320x240 [pixels] depending on your source materials.
The resolution: 150 pixels/inch

Set the crop tool options as you have done so many times before...

They should all be Saved As… the same file type: PICT or Photoshop
You can accomplish both of these tasks with Photoshop.

Sizing horizontal images

Once you have scanned and transferred all your images, Open Photoshop at your computer

Choose our old friend the Crop tool from the Photoshop Tool palette.
Double click the tool to reveal the Crop Options window.

Check the Fixed Target Size box
and set the height to 480 pixels and the width to 640 pixels
and the resolution to 150 pixels/inch

Marquee the area you want to include and double-click inside to crop to the fixed size.

Save As…the image to your Sized Images ƒolder as "distinctivefilename640"

Sizing vertical images

A image that is taller than it is wide needs another step when sized to reach the desired4:3 aspect ratio. A vertical image placed on a black background will fill out the dimensions you have chosen to work with.

Choose the Crop tool and set the Height to 480 pixels, leave the Width blank and Crop the image to include the area you want to keep.


With the background color set to black, Choose Canvas Size… from the Image menu.
Change the current value to 640 pixels.

Save As…the image to your Sized Images ƒolder as "distinctivefilename640"

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