Putting your Book Review page together quickly

A simple guide for your typical book review webpage
This piece of your website is due no later than Thursday, March 21, 8th period.

1 Create a thumbnail of your Book cover in Photoshop and Save for Web... in a transfer folder of your full name.
Save as a .jpg or .gif using the most distinctive word of your book's title. -- example: cottonmouth.jpg or kisses.gif

Create a page in Dreamweaver with linked banner, table, inserted thumbnail,
and properly formatted text of your book review (see below). Use the Properties and Objects palettes as before.
Save as your "[last initial, first initial] book.html" -- example: Albert Einstein = eabook.html
in your transfer folder.


Drop a copy of your transfer folder in the BookReview folder on the designated server.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my text to the top of the table cell instead of the center?

Place your cursor in the table cell you want to affect. On the Properties palette, choose Top from the Vert pop-up menu.

Should I Title my page ?

Yes, Choose Page Properties from the Modify menu and type the title of your book into the Title field.