Your webpage needs some tweaking!

Fortunately, it's only a couple of mistakes away from a Book Review webpage worthy of the website.
As you can see, your work has been corrected and hangs in the back of the TechLounge.

Pick it up, make corrections on your computer and transfer a copy of the freshened version to the designated server.

Use the checklist or check out the FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions) for possible tips and hints to perfect your page.

Corrected webpages are due the week of March 25 at the end of your class. Don't leave it till the last minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my text to the top of the table cell instead of the center?

Place your cursor in the table cell you want to affect. On the Properties palette, choose Top from the Vert pop-up menu.

See below for changing several table cells at once.

Should I Title my page ?

Yes, Choose Page Properties from the Modify menu and type the title of your book into the Title field.

What's a transfer folder?

It's the folder your xxbook.html document and image. jpg(or.gif) file must exist in:
1. before you insert image into webpage and
2. transfer both to the designated server

Only these two files should be in this folder for transferring to the designated server.

Can I change the fonts to Arial all at once?

Yes, move your cursor to the top of the column. Click when it becomes an upside down arrow to select all the cells at once. Choose Arial, Helvetica from the Format pop-down menu. Viola!

With the table cells selected, the Vertical alignment can be changed to Top all at once (See first Frequently Asked Question above)

I worked on my page across the network, why don't my images show up when I preview my page in Internet Explorer?

Always work locally on your project. If you have to use a different computer, transfer your folder to that computer and open that copy of your Dreamweaver or Photoshop files from that computer. Working across the network will sometimes change the path or address to where files exist, besides slowing down the network for everyone else working.

When I preview my webpage in Explorer, all these weird characters show up that I don't see when its open in Dreamweaver.

If you copied and pasted from an email or a Word document, you have transported some formatting of your apostrophes or 'curly' quotes. Double spaces will also show up as odd characters. Remove and replace the spaces with one, and the apostrophes with the simple keyboard apostrophe (which actually ' stands for foot, and " stands for inches).

Preview in Explorer again to check for any you may have missed.