Simple Links 101

Text Links

Each webpage you create should have alternative navigation at the bottom of the page so the visitor can travel directly to their next destination within your site. This can be as simple as text typed with dividers and centered on the page:

Book Review | Classwork | How to... | Message | Music


After selecting the text, type the name of the page in your folder you plan to link to into the link field on the Properties palette
i.e. eabook.html

Adding Text links to the Splash Screen

Book Review
Life Skills

Early draft of Alex's splash screen

Adding Text links to the Splash Screen  

Create a table to include navigational text links vertically to your splash screen. (Maintain the cell spacing and padding at 5, for ease of handling while you are working with this table.)

4 links in a column + 1 spash image = 4 rows, 2 columns
Use the properties palette to combine last column of rows.


4 links in a row + 1 splash image = 4 columns, 2 rows
Use the properties palette to combine first row of columns.

Insert your splash screen image in the proper cell of your table

Type your intended links into the other cells, and use the Properties palette Link field as explained above to connect your various pages.

Change the table's cell spacing to 0 and Preview in browser to test the links.
To test a text link:
1 Choose File > Preview in Browser.
2 Click each link to see if it displays the appropriate each webpage.

Simple Links
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