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Browsers (Explorer, Safari)
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Photoshop, ImageReady, Dreamweaver, Powerpoint, Morph, Premiere, were the means to the end of Content Creation. I had students that were rabid to learn Flash. It wasn't in my tool belt and so I pointed them to the excellent online tutorials. The small group that competed with each other for mastering features also shared their fresh wisdom and mad skillz with those deemed committed enough to get involved and follow through.

Watching someone mouse is an acquired patience skill. I became evangelistic (rather than ballistic) about keyboard commands and shortcuts. Remove the mouse completely from the equation and the dependency will disappear.


Creating a Webpage
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Classwork Webpage
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Web Animation GIFs
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I may go directly to hell for teaching young fertile minds how to use Powerpoint and I would like to make a public apology now. Perhaps my sleepless nights will cease and i can regain a smidgen of self respect.

So many parents had requested that I teach this application to their young titans of industry, I resisted and then realized that this would be a a bonding experience for parent and child alike. Where the student could become the teacher and vice versa. There were minimal issues with transported homework from opposing OS.

As you can see from the tutorial, the needed measurements in pixels had to be transformed from inches. Ridiculous inoperability at such a basic level. Transitions afforded some basic animation, which is all that was acquired for this bit of typography choreography.


Assignment Template

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Imagination Homework
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Movie Making
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Student Film Festival
Student Storyboard

Premier from Adobe, Digital Storytelling, Abridged version year 1 & 2

Sparking a story Idea


audio recording

Image prep

Pan & Motion Filters

FAQs, ask many, answer once, print outs

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